Why Pulp?


Molded pulp is made entirely from recycled paper mixed with water. All the materials that go into our pulp come from 100% post-consumer waste: recycled paper or corrugate, making it the most biodegradable form of packaging available. Less energy is used, because all of our packaging solutions are produced with natural gas.

  • Materials are 100% biodegradable
  • Produced with 100% post-consumer waste
  • Environmentally sound: won’t remain in landfills
  • Minimal energy used in manufacturing process


Molded pulp is an economical material that makes sense for your company’s budget, the environment and every packaging type.

  • Lower unit cost compared to other forms of packaging
  • Lower impact on the environment
  • Meets high customer demand for safe, durable packaging
  • Made with abundant and renewable resources
  • Lightweight and recyclable


Traditionally thought of for egg cartons and drink trays, today’s molded fiber easily replaces corrugate, styrofoam and plastics for all types of internal packaging, thanks to modern tooling and finishing procedures. When it comes to strength, flexibility and durability, molded pulp clearly outperforms the competition.

  • Superior protection from vibration and shock
  • Absorbs impact
  • Soft surfaces reduce abrasions
  • Stack ability reduces storage space and eases transport
  • Configures to any simple or complex shape